After traversing multiple careers in commercial real estate development, enterprise computer sales to the Fortune 100, strength training for amateur and professional athletes, and exotic software and hardware development for American intelligence and military agencies, I turned to the intensive researching of the proofs of the survival of physical death and the continuity of the spirit.

With having a diverse professional experiences and multidisciplinary background in education (University of Tennessee, Rhodes-Southwestern) and as a physical mediumship historian and observational phenomenologist who integrates knowledge from all fields of study and endeavor to support the evidence for the continuity of life.

In this modern era, the questions of Who Am I?, What Should I Be Doing? And What Happens at Death? are rapidly lost under our daily rituals of job, family and personal life. Few have the time or the prerequisite information to ask-search-answer these most important Life Questions.

Having served confidentially the wealthy elite of Southwest Florida, my public outreach began in 3Q 2014.

My talks and discussion groups focus on the proof of our survival of death through the study of the Seven Spiritual Subjects:

-- Past Lives/Between Lives Regressions (Pre-Birth Planning) and Future Lives Progressions
-- The Afterlife
-- NDE (Near Death Experiences), Deathbed Visions (DV), ADC (After Death Communications and other STE (Spiritually Transforming Events);
-- Out-Of-Body Explorations/Astral Travel
-- The History and Modern Practices of Physical Mediumship
-- Mental Mediumship.
-- Reincarnation

As a Out-Of-Body Explorer, I offer workshops teaching the techniques of astral and earthbound travel.